Assignment2–Initial thoughts, further thoughts and Concept Development

Initial Thoughts

Originally, my ideas for the documentary proposal are organized based on my personal interests, which are centred on the fashion and beauty-related industry and issues. Being as a woman, it’s natural that women love to read things related to beauty and fashion. At first I decided to look into the fashion theme, investigating the fashion attitudes of the residents in Sydney to see how they defined ‘Fashion’ and also intended to give people instructions on what to wear and not wear. After I started to do some research and draft a simple plan for the chosen topic, I found there were too many limitations on implementing the proposal, thus I decided to change to another topic, which also is one of the current societal issues, that is Plastic Surgery. If I continue to do the fashion topic, it would be very hard to express the exact angle that I want to deliver and concepts of the documentary.


Further Thoughts & Ideas

Society has always valued beauty. In recent years, there has been increasing number of woman who takes plastic surgery. Even I have friends around me have done plastic surgery, such as double-fold eyelids, nose surgery and face lift. It’s everybody’s right to pursuit beauty. Therefore, as today Plastic Surgery has become a common phenomenon among society, I am intending to target Plastic Surgery as my central theme and target ‘beauty’ as the main concept for the documentary. This documentary is intend to deliver the advantages, disadvantages, instructions of plastic surgery as well as combined with education towards the attitude of facial aesthetics.


Concept Development

In recent two years, one of the most popular discussion topics appeared in social media platforms in China is Plastic Surgery. People have been discussing about which celebrity has done plastic surgery and they did. Just about two weeks ago, one day I found a Korean public reality television show online which called ‘LET beauty’, it is a show centred on plastic surgery. This reality television show invites people in Korea to the show to help them reshape themselves, those people who are perceived to be extremely ugly and living psychologically painful because of their perceived ugly appearance. The show shocked me because there are really people who are very ugly have been reshaped into a perceived very beautiful/handsome person again.

Moreover, recently with the all the models and celebrities pitched in the new media and traditional Medias, such as magazines, and all the beauty-related discussions, I concluded that in nowadays the opinion of beauty can be summarised into the following characteristics: tall and straight nose shape, small face shape, big eyes. As I am using Weibo, which is the biggest social media platform in China, there are many photos of women on Weibo and these photos gave me an impression that it seems that women are looks very alike to each other because they share many common facial characteristics and even dressing and make-up style. This social trend of ‘beauty’ really makes me feeling confusing, what is the exact standard of ‘beauty’? What is the exact standard of ‘pretty’? Therefore, I am thinking to develop an online interactive documentary about Plastic Surgery and beauty. 


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